Conceptualization of esports spaces

Conceptualization of spaces, creation of 3D, management and marketing of places

Conceptualizing innovative play spaces

Esports requires having 100% adapted spaces to its needs. After several years of managing competitions, we have come to the conclusion that the offer of existing classic halls does not meet our technical needs. We conceptualize, create, operate and then market dedicated places. We are working on international projects of esport arenas, 3.0 game rooms, training spaces for e-athletes, or even Esport stadiums.




We define alongside real estate developers or public actors the technical and design needs of the place you want. It is essential before any project to identify needs.



We operate these same places as part of our gaming events and esports competitions. This allows us to respond to real needs in the community.



We rent these spaces to third parties, who wish to organize their own events around esports and video games: game publishers, brands, conferences, public bodies.

Do you have a real estate project related to video games or esports? Meet experts in the field, we will guide you on the best technological and commercial uses.


We support you on the conceptualization of the spaces before the launch of the project.

Our teams will help you on the definition of the attendance objectives, on the business models to set up, on the layout of the spaces and the global harmonization. We also produce 3D models that will allow you to illustrate a final rendering.

Renting of spaces

Once the project comes out of the ground, we support you in the long term in the marketing and management of the spaces.

We provide a very wide range of services: creation of a personalized booking and tournament platform for your venue, creation of tailored esports events, sponsorship signing, creation of new business models for local communities, rental of spaces, negotiation with game publishers for the organization of official stages of their world championships.


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